How to make a banner that makes your friend smile

Let me preface this post by telling you: I am not crafty.  If you asked me to draw a simple straight line for you I would.  But I’m certain it would be followed by you looking at me funny and wondering if i had been drinking. for hours.  However I disregarded my shortcomings because I wanted to craft a banner.  I couldn’t find one I liked for Cam’s bridal shower on etsy.  So I went searching in my moms amazing ribbon collection.  velvet? midori? silk? in ANY color.  it’s all in her beautiful awe inspiring collection of ribbons.  And that is where it began.  

Then I found these martha stewart stickers from Michael’s 
and bought some grey paper from there as well.  AND that is when my trusty glue gun and I went to work.  
Here she is!!  Do you like? or maybe you think I am a two year old with a glue gun.  no matter. i like her. (: 
p.s. once I got everything together it took less than ten minutes.  

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