Holiday Shopping Guy-de || JB Edition

i’ve mentioned on twitter once or ten times that i taught jb how to pin.
it’s one of my greater achievements in life.
he has a single board entitled “christmas presents (hint, hint)”
It’s making my Christmas shopping for the ole huz easy peasey.
Not that he has ever been hard to shop for.  Sometimes I’ll give him a shirt I picked up at Marshalls and he looks at me like it was the first shirt he has ever been given.  If I’m stumped I know I can always get him anything  with Tampa Bay Rays or Wake Forest on it  and i can sleep soundly knowing he is one happy camper.
JB is not hard to shop for.  I just know that bow ties and cardigan sweaters are not on his list, ever.  whatever JB.
 Regardless I try to be as thoughtful as possible. 
 Because giving the perfect gift makes everyone so pleased.
All on JB’s Pinterest board! 
first row: rendezvous bbq sauce , a charcoal starter, a purple bomber , wake forest slippers.
second row: “this is brutus”, smoker, a vintage bike.
People have asked on my formspring what I’ve given him in the past.  
A Weber Grill: best $90 of my life.  give a man a grill and you will never have to cook when you don’t want to.  the above smoker is looking more and more likely.  
-an engraved Bible
– almost every year i give him a little scrap book of us from that year
– bose ear phones
-knives… the man loves him some knives
 (the cooking kind, although I’m pretty sure he’d think any kind were cool)
What are you giving the guy(s) in your life this year?

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