Highlands, NC

Highlands is a happy place for me.  Growing up we’d head up the mountain for some relief from the summer heat, and once in college we took off there due to a hurricane.  On our way up we stopped at the Dillard House.  Oh my word, the best.  They bring you endless fresh produce, veggies, fried catfish and chicken.  My in-law’s had never been, but ended up loving it!  You know how you remember something as a kid as being THE BEST EVER… then you recommend it to everyone and then you’re sort of like… what if that’s only cool when you’re a kid?  This happened to me when JB and I went to Lugano, Switzerland.  I had gone there as a kid and remembered it as the best place in existence.  So of course, I plotted our first swiss trip to Lugano.  I told him we could go to Swiss Miniature… which I remembered being the coolest experience.  When we got there we went to the tourist office, we found a brochure of swiss miniature… JB was quick to start belly laughing.  It was a goofy golfing / miniature houses of swiss landmarks / miniature train like you see in a mall around christmas time, where the only adult was a conductor squished into his seat.   needless to say, we found something else to do.  Thankfully Dillard House did not prove a similar experience.
  We went up the mountain to Highlands satisfied, albeit stuffed to the brim!  
 Happy Thursday! 

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