The Hermitage, a boat ride, and red caviar.

The second day in St. Petersburg was spent in the Hermitage, on a private boat tour, and at a traditional georgian restaurant.  JB and I were both sleepy since the night before we were attacked my mosquitos.  St. Petersburg is built on a swamp, so it is rather buggy especially in the summer time.  Around 3 AM I woke up from my fitful sleep to see JB jumping in his undies on the bed trying to get the mosquitos.  I am laughing now
 Then, I was just wimpering and begging for sleep … which came in the form of a new bug-free room, and a nap that afternoon.

Anyway, The hermitage is absolutely and utterly ridiculously rich in art.  
Raphael, Da Vinci’s, Van Gogh, Reubens … anything, they’ve got it.  
It was fun seeing so many works I’ve only read about.
Russia is so very wealthy in art, it’s mind boggling.
oh and gold.  everything is covered in gold.
i like gold. a lot a lot.
later that afternoon we took a private boat tour.
i loved seeing St. Pete from the waterways and learning their history.
red caviar, anyone?


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