Talking to your baby isn’t quite like talking to yourself, right?  Right???
I mean he can’t really talk back.  So does that make me crazy?  I’m not sure.
I’ve been doing this weird thing talking to him already about girls.
The worst is when we watch the Bachelor.  I’m all… see that girl!  No.  Don’t even think about bringing one home like that. {i’m looking at you, Tierra}
  And then we’ve also chatted (one sided, I suppose, whatever.) about how I’m sure he’s going to date some girl I’ll fall head over heels for… and he will break up with her. And I’ll be all out of sorts too.    The nurse who help deliver Tuck was telling me about her son breaking up with a girl she loved… it’s been over a year and they still text.  #isthisgonnabeme
But we’re (errr me, again. whatever) pretty committed to the fact that the one he marries I’m gonna like. love.  
ya hear that Tuck?  
… and some cute Tuck photos from this weekend, to get your mind off of me being a crazy.
delicious, right?

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