Happy SPD!

I have a history with Saint Patrick’s Day.  You can read all about that here.  Long story short: I found out I had to have heart surgery exactly 3 years ago today.  On a brighter note 5 years ago today, I found out JB was head over heels for me.  Last year, we headed out of the country … and you can guess it already – exactly one year from today.  I like to celebrate this day.  Almost like a birthday.  I have tears in my eyes because I feel so darn good.  I feel so healthy. AND happy.  I honestly didn’t know i’d ever feel that way again for a long time after all of my surgeries.  God makes some good promises – one being, he heals everything in his time.  I can surely attest to that.  So this Saint Patrick’s Day, I am so thankful for:
….  Gods healing hands
… the doctors he gave very special gifts to
… for spending it with one of my favorite people, my baby sister Molly.  & Lucille, of course.

 Here’s a few pictures from the day. 
marc jacobs?
or chanel? which ever will lucy choose…
Tomorrow I’ll also be joining other bloggers, cwfhl & two sisters with southern charm,
for a day of silence to show my support for Japan.
 Won’t you … Join in
message me your address at:
if you’d like a postcard from Sarah Tucker Travel Photography

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