Happy One Month Tuck!

{fish made by Pam, onesie, and bowtie from my BFF ashie!}
Happy One Month Little Man!
I used to look at my parents and not completely understand how they felt toward us.
What would cause you to be so patient, understanding, loving, towards someone who could be so hard to love at times?  But one month into parenthood, and I’m beginning to get it.  
Even on the most sleep deprived days, I think this is the best thing ever.
I can be so bleary eyed, and then I smell him.  And I am all heart eyes.  Like Pepe le Pew.
He coos and I melt.  I have basically been a puddle since he’s come into this world.  
Speaking of his entrance, I would never not do this again.  Labor wasn’t fun, but I’d do it all over again in a heart beat.  Lord willing.
Nona told me of a lady on Dr. Phil yesterday who wants twenty kids.
And though yes, I think she’s a bit cuckoo… I now see the appeal.  lol.
I’m introverted, I love time alone.  Which I thought would make having a baby a real adjustment.
And it is… an adjustment.  But I don’t miss my time alone.  
He’s such a part of me.
Tuck at one month:
You are such a good baby.  
Really only cranky when you’re gassy.  Then, you sound like an old man who has lost all control. ha.
You have at least thirty nicknames so far.  Your pop pop has given you the most.  No surprise there.
You love when I roll my r’s.
You perk up when we go outside.  The sound of the birds chirping really intrigues you.
Bright eyed since day one. 
You snuggle on my chest all morning long and I would have it no other way.
You are the light of our lives, and we are so honored to be your parents. 
I can’t believe you are real.  You little doll baby, you.  

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