happy healthy tuesday to ya.

Hi there!  Harry potter here.  
i mean don’t i look like him in this picture? that’s what I’m going for.

Today I taught a sweet 17 year old from Sri Lanka how to pronounce english words.
Poor thing. 
Right this moment in Switzerland there is a boy from sri lanka who is training to be a pilot in india, and developing a bit of a southern drawl.
 Bless his heart.
Someone asked me on my formspring if I’d post more about what I’m eating.
Problem: I normally cannot even wait to eat, much less take pictures of it.
But I’m making a conscious effort 
for you dear anonymous friend.

So here’s some easy lunches!
homemade hummus – this is the recipe I use.
tomatoes, avocado, sour creme.  tortilla.
mozzarella. tomatoes. fresh basil. balsamic glaze. olive oil.

Happy healthy tuesdays to you and yours.

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