| Grocery List |

I thought I’d share with y’all what a typical grocery list is for me.  
{At the request of someone on my formspring}
This is what you’ll typically find inside my fridge and pantries.  
I eat to get energy, feel good, but also for pleasure.  I always allow treats here and there – usually in the form of cheese or swiss chocolate.  
  This list is basically my “before i was married grocery list” – as now it includes more meat – since JB loves meat… and my love affair is more with veggies.  Though I do crave a good burger or filet at times.  
I’m also a grazer, I snack all throughout the day – so a lot of the above is snack food. 
 but healthy snack food. (:
What’s some go-to items for y’all in the grocery store?
PS: thanks for all your kind words from last week.  I’m feeling so much better.

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