ten gifts for Grandparents

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gifts for grandparents

My parents and in-laws seem to just want my kids mugs on actual mugs.  They are happy with sweet gifts that involve the kids, so that’s what I try to incorporate.  Here are some gifts I’ve given, that I *think* have gone over well.  And some other ones, I think that would be a hit!

  1. A silhouette portrait of all the grandkids.   
  2. A silhouette ornament – this one is in brass.  I usually adorn a gift with these, even though most of the time they are better than what’s inside the gift!
  3. A custom watercolor illustration.  either of them with the grandkids, or a favorite picture of theirs of the kids.  Inna has done a watercolor of our home, my gf baby and her, and one of me with my boys.  They have all turned out so beautifully!  A custom watercolor of their home may be a sweet gift as well.
  4. My quotable grandkid.  Kids say some funny stuff!  Write it down!
  5. Personalized golfballs  from their grandkids with something sweet on them.  “You’re the par-fect pop pop!  love tuck and wes”  … cheesy, but sweet.
  6. 23 and me.  Genes fascinate me, and how fun is it to find all about what exactly makes you up?   There’s also a health component that can be purchased for an additional cost.
  7.   The generation photos: I actually gave this to my father in law but with all of the John Bullock Tuckers in it.  But it would be very sweet with wedding photos, or their marriage through the years.
  8.   I always make a calendar for my in laws populated with photos from the year.  I usually do minted ones too.
  9. My parents vows are my favorite.  So I had them made up in a print using this as a gift one year.
  10. I needed a photo book but needed to do it quickly.  It was crazy how long it was going to take, even with rush shipping.  I am so glad I found Mpix.  The quality is great (they have beautiful linen bound photo books), and it ships within a day or two.

Know any great grandparent gifts?  I know we are all interested!

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