Godspeed Little Man // Letters to Tuck // Vol 11

Hi Tuck,
Last week I finally felt every kind of zen about being pregnant.  Oh sure the morning sickness has still been around, but I felt beautiful in this pregnant skin.  Then last Thursday I started having trouble walking.  Which is really humbling for your mom.  I don’t mind having to waddle because I’m so big, but I don’t love it because I’m having sciatica back problems.  Your mom likes things on her terms.  Likes to control what is beyond her.  Unfortunately.  And has a tough time being still. Allowing my body to heal, take it easy or ask for help.  or. or. or.  I could go on.  Still, it’s been a good lesson to learn.  To count my blessings {like an easy time putting on pants, or walking up stairs … these things I will not take for granted again!}. 
Suffering, even as something as minimal as this, has always given me clarity and compassion.  So I hope whenever you have to deal with things that are uncomfortable, embarrassing, or beyond your control that you look for new ways to count your blessings. 
and on the sunny side… 
today your dad’s first words as we were snuggling with a hand on you (my belly) was
“i can’t wait to meet him”.
your dad is always going on and on about when you are going to arrive, because he can’t wait to play.
i have no doubt you two will be the best of friends. ever.
melt my heart of stone whydontcha.
Love you, Momma
ps:  I promise not to sing to you too much (mama doesn’t have a great voice) but I might just have to sing the above song, over and over. 

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