Girl Crush: day two: Emily from em=me

y’all.  i’m about to meet one of my girl crushes in 13 days.  face to face.  I cannot tell a fib – I’m nervous. 
but isn’t that the case when any great thing is about to happen?  
{big YES for me}
Enjoy Em’s guest post below.
also, WHO gets married in Italy?
and then honeymoons there?  
homegirl em does.  that’s who.
after reading, head on over em=me  for a girl you are sure to fall hard for, as i have.  (:

hello there, fairy.tales.are.true readers! pleasure to meet you. 
when sarah asked me to guest post on her bloggie while she’s in Nawlin’s this weekend (is “cousin’s wedding” code for “collecting mardi gras beads”, sarah? hmmm?), i was delighted to oblige. 
and also immediately mildly at a loss for what to say. 
i began thinking about what i would blog about, and felt super inadequate in my abilities to deliver the kind of gorgeous, inspiring, stimulating posts that you, her readers, are accustomed to reading. 
what could Sarah–an incredibly well-traveled, stunning, tender-hearted saint with a penchant for taking fantastic photographs, an insane sense of style, and an intense love for all things sea and sunshine–and I–a medical student who is usually exhausted, cold (I live in Chicago), looking relatively haggard, wearing whatever is warmest and/or most comfortable and/or scrubs, and can typically be found in a hospital–possibly have in common?
well, believe it or not, i found a few things…
1. we are both newlyweds…circa 2010.

2. we had the same wedding photographer!
photo credit: jessica lorren photography
please note that i took this moment to gratuitously post more of my wedding photos. instead of one of the actual photographer.
you should interpret this as me loving my wedding pics. not as me being super self-absorbed. 🙂

3. we both LOVE to travel.
Cinque Terra
hubs shirtless on the trail (he’ll kill me for this. good thing he doesn’t read blogs.)
 Firenze…top of Il Duomo
 Elba! the teeny island where we honeymooned for the first few days.
 first night in Rome..we dined by the Trevi fountain. it was perfect (:
 the quintessential Colosseum-at-night photo. might’ve turned out a bit better if we hadn’t had that second bottle of wine at dinner.

here’s some of our trip to Italy last summer…we explored Tuscany first…then got married at the house my hubs’ grandfather grew up in (so special)…then we honeymooned through Italy. all in two weeks. between third and fourth year of med school. whirlwind, but amazing.

4. we BOTH actually share an intense love for sea and sunshine.
this Chicago thing is new for me. and in truth, i’ve moved so many times it’s tough to know where i really CAME from. but my heart is in Florida. at least until my hubs sweeps me away to California and i fall in love with that. but either way, i think Ben Harper was thinking of me when he penned this one…

5. we share a love for health.

this is me. circa first year of medical school. wearing my sweet lil’ white coat (which is now not NEARLY as clean as that).
i graduate in THREE MONTHS.
then i will be…Dr. Fleming, at your service.

sarah has (had) a broken heart. and i fix broken hearts.
well, sort of.
i’m not going to be a cardiologist–i’m going into Emergency Medicine– but ER doctors fix hearts to a certain degree. (:

so as you can see…we’re not all that different.
and i’m sure when we have our blate (not privy? it’s a blog-date–>blate) in just a few short days…
16 days, to be exact…
we will find that we have even MORE in common.

so stay tuned. i’m sure we’ll both be taking loads of pictures.
and thanks for letting me play with you!


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