girl crush: day 4: Jenni from Story of My Life

I’ve got a big time girl crush on Jenni of Story of My Life.  
And it’s easy to see why.  She’s breathtakingly beautiful, hilarious, sweet as pie, a great photographer and an amazing writer.  Let me tell y’all, whenever she decides to publish a book I’ll be the first in line buying it!  
Enjoy her post below (I did!) and then head on over to Story of My Life where you’ll inevitably spend the rest of your day reading all of her hysterical, inspiring, and insightful posts.  

Hello lovely readers of Fairy Tales Are True!  What an honor it is to come chat with you today!   
First let me just say that Sarah is kind of my idol.  She’s classy, beautiful, stylish, kind, and an amazing photographer. When I started blogging, she was one of the girls I pointed at and said “ooooh!! I want to be JUST LIKE HERRR!!!”  And then I went and bought the same camera she had and tried to be cool and stylish, too, and I tried to post a lot pictures of my handsome, smiling husband, but it turns out that A) I still have a lot to learn in the photography department, B) my style will probably NEVER be as impeccable as Sarah’s, and C) my husband refuses to be photographed and becomes irate whenever I attempt to do so. 
So.  What I’m trying to say is that I am not Sarah.  I am Jenni, without that simple, breezy air about me that Sarah has and with lots of crappy pictures from vacations past. 
Still reading?  Hmmm.   Well, then let’s talk about fairy tales for a minute.  It just seems appropriate. 
It’s easy to get caught up in all the beauty and the happiness and the what-seems-like-perfection in the Blog World.  Many of the bloggers that become quite popular are very attractive and lead what seems to be very attractive lives.  Our images of those lives are further reinforced by what is, oftentimes, FANTASTIC photography.  And thanks to all this eye candy, the fairy tale theme is so VERY convincing.  And don’t get me wrong, folks, many bloggers really DO lead happy and beautiful lives (and I truly believe that Sarah and JB are two of those legitimately happy, beautiful folks).  But no one, and I mean NO ONE is without their flaws, without their skeletons in the closet, and without their problems.  And if someone is in a beautiful season of their life NOW, it doesn’t mean they haven’t ever struggled or never WILL struggle. 
So what I’m trying to say is, YES, fairy tales are true.  But fairy tales exist only in the context of each and every one of our lives… no two fairy tales are the same, and so much of how that tale unfolds is in the telling of it – in the perception of it – in the CREATION of it. We ALL have the potential to have our very own, beautiful “happily ever after.”   But we have to stop comparing OUR story to the stories of others.  We have to start taking the crappy hand that life can sometime deal us and turn it into something beautiful.
What I’m saying is, you can have your own fairytale.  Just stop expecting it to be, well… perfect.
And since all the other girl-crushes posted some pretty pics, I’ll leave you with a few of my own.  The eye candy is part of what we love about blogs, yes?
Enjoy, and thanks for having me today!

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