Girl Crush: day 3: Bridget from tales of me and the husband

It is getting full on awkward how much i adore Bridget of tales of me and the husband.  
It all started one morning whilst drinking my morning cup of coffee in switzerland … I happened upon her blog.  and well into lunch I was still sitting there, reading.  I literally told JB everything about her after that, which was scary for him.  I’m sure.  
He didn’t say that.  But I just know he thinks i’m looooooney.  
Anyway, Enjoy!  

hello, hello.  bridget here from tales of me and the husband.  

sarah, as we all know, is a traveler.  not only that but she’s a wife, a human, a health-foodie, and… perhaps the most important of all… a fashionista (what?  most important of all?!?).  alright, jokes aside, girlfriend can dress.  i have looked through some of her travelogues and while the scenery is great i’m most often thinking, “where did you get that dress?  skirt?  can you give me your hair?  yes.  literally.  give me the hair on your head.”  her fashion is some of the best on the interweb, and it’s not even a fashion blog!  so, this got me thinking: i have a lot to offer too.
exhibit a: when you’re on top of a mountain in switzerland, JUST getting engaged, by the way, there is no better time than to put on your husband’s oversized fleece and whip out the camera.  no better time.  these special pictures captured of a couple in love who’ve just pledged to live their lives together will just be looked back on oh, a couple times.  no biggie.
exhibit b: have you ever seen nicer done hair?!  i mean, it’s not frizzy and/or falling out.  it knows exactly what it wants to be and is doing its thang.  the people of bern didn’t know what hit them that day.  oh and i don’t look like i just stepped off a 24-hour plane ride (plane ride was actually like six).  nope.  not at all.
exhibit c: this picture just exudes class.  class and sophistication.  the belly showing just is the icing on the cake.  oh, you didn’t know?  yes, exposed belly is super classy these days.
exhibit d: bridge, despite the fact that you felt vomit-ish that day, you look great.  how DO you do it?
exhibit e: i make a mom proud.  never was she prouder in fact than when this picture was taken–her and her whorish daughter–i mean fancy and mature daughter.

exhibit f: plastic!  it never looked so good!  and it’s useful too!

exhibit g: the soffe shorts we all had in middle school?  did you know they are still in?!  yes! whip em out, ladies!  at a whopping $5 a pair, BUY EVERY COLOR.  
so, as you can see, sarah isn’t the only one that knows how to dress while traveling.  so come on over for your daily dose of fashion-forward photos and a splash of serious taste.  we’re a class act over there.
i’m out.

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