Girl Crush: Day 1: Megan from Across The Pond

The so gorgeous your draw-will-drop, Megan from the beautiful and hysterical blog – from Across The Pond, is here today to start off the 
6 days of girl crushes!
{to make up for my absence}
You’ll forgive me as soon as you read below and then continue to spend hours upon hours reading every post on her blog.  then you’ll probably spit your coffee out on your keyboard from laughing so hard.  
so maybe you won’t forgive me.  
the verdict is out.
Sarah is not the only one who travels the world..

she is just the only one that looks amazing doing it…

Hi, my name is Megan (from Across The Pond) and I am a former LA fashion industry girl who traded my sun for gray skies, sandals for rain boots, dresses for coats, and moved to England for Post Grad School…
with my husband..
of course..

I have to take him everywhere with me..

he is so clingy.

I joke.

In the 6 months we have been in Europe, we have gone to
Poland, Germany, Scotland, Spain, and different parts of England.

i don’t is a cigar..for effect..all the cool kids are doing it.

To complete our year long journey we will be going to Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and France.

Maybe Sarah will have me do a part II post..
or  if i’m lucky we will be blog pops and do a traveling post together..
I mean..can you imagine the amazingness that would come from that?

Blogpop: blogger that pops out of the blogosphere and into your reality. I’m making sure this term goes viral..just accept it.

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