The Gift of Time with HVH

Right this second, BASELWORLD is happening just a stones throw from our apartment.  From what i understand, it is where the most beautiful clocks in all the land of 2010 are being revealed to the world.  But the only timepieces I am interested in (besides my faithful michael kors – thank you jb and james!) are the GORGEOUS clocks my insanely talented best friend has been crafting.  This talented soul who loves all things vintage and beautiful describes the process below:  

How to make vintage timepieces!

you will need:

-Vintage plate or teacup saucer

-Clock movements

-Painters Pen or Metallic Sharpie


-Glass/ Tile bit

-Batteries that the clock movements call for

1. First chose which plate you would like to create into a clock.

2. You can pick up the clock movements at any craft store but I suggest buying a lot on eBay if you plan on making multiple clocks.

3. Purchase the type of permanent marker or paint pen that you would like to use to pain on the numbers. I suggest using roman numerals or tally marks to make the clock unique.

4. Then make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes to purchase a drill and drill bits. Make sure you pick up glass/tile bits. The size of the bit you get will depend on the type of clock movement you purchased.

5. Set the plate on a soft surface. I have used an old folded up towel that you don’t mind getting dirty or a hole or two in it.

6. Find the center of the dish and begin drilling. The slower the better. Patience is a virtue! I’ve also found that starting with a smaller drill bit and working your way up to the larger bit makes the process a little quicker and the plate less likely to break.

7. Once your hole is made you can place the clock part together. Directions will be on the packaging.

8. Put in the battery and hang!

They make unique gifts and are beautiful backdrop to any picture! I have a grouping of the clocks with other plates hanging on my wall at home. – HVH

 And here is Shannon, Cami, and I being gifted the most beautiful clocks in all the land.  Even topping anything baselworld will ever see (:  !!

Soon I will unveil another work of her art: The Teapot lamp!!  Get excited.

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