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One thing we do that helps with squelching constant give me’s every time we’re out, is asking the boys to tell me what’s on their Christmas list while we’re shopping.  This helps when we have to grab a birthday present quickly and we’re definitely not going to buy them anything.  Thus tucks two asks for Santa is this Sea Patroller from Paw Patrol, and pie face.  Though he also loves farms, police (still!), ghostbusters, and park rangers.  Wes is in the firetruck phase of life that tuck was in for over a year, so we have firetrucks of every size coming out of the seams of this home.  Which makes things hard this year!  But here are some new ideas I have …

christmas gifts for boys and girls

Police Station:   My kids would definitely play with this.  Where was it last year when the police obsession was even stronger?

Police Car:  These are BRUDER, and they are the best.  They can go indoors or out, and they are just so sturdy.

Ghostbuster legos:  These would be a hit in our house.

Antsy pants pirate ship:  I am a huge fan of the antsy pants line in general, I just think they inspire such fun and imaginative play.  This would be fun.  It’s easy to set up (we have their lemonade stand) and it’s easy to tear down and store.

Dress up Construction outfit:  My kids are always dressing up, I’m sure all kids are.  But this is one we don’t have, and their obsession with bob the builder is pretty high at the moment.

Cast net:    Perfect for toddler hands, and talk about building fine motor skills.

Fishing pole:  Wesley doesn’t have one of his own, and he loves fishing. So this is the year he gets his own.

Tool Set:  I think this could be a fun addition around here.

This is how we do it:  shows the lives of seven kids from all over the world.  what a fun and educational book.

Magnatiles:  I knew when my kids played with these forever at the kids museum  (that has so much other fun stuff going on!)  that we needed a set.

Little Pim:  One of their educational gifts this year.  A fun way to teach language to children.  The best time to start is before they are six.  I know tuck has spanish and mandarin at school, and JB reads to tuck in spanish, but this is a great way to continue that at home.

Leap Frog Mr. Pencil:  I love leap frog products and this one can help them with their letters.  My kids call their leap frogs their computers – they have this one.  But I don’t feel like it’s stimulating like tv or a tablet.  And it’s educational.

Antsy Pants obstacle course:  I don’t know a kid alive who doesn’t love these.

the Hearth and Home dollhouse:  Can I move into this one?  (:  I’ve heard most moms are getting their furniture and dolls from either melissa and doug or hobby lobby.

TBBC tent:  We love ours!  I’ve brought it to the beach, it was super sturdy there, and provided plenty of shade.

Carolle doll:  I know I always put these on these gift guides, but I love love them!

Le Creuset for kids:  how cute is this?!

Strider Bike:  We have, and love ours!  It’s a great way to teach balance, and something the whole family can enjoy doing together – riding bikes.

Personalized Santa Bags c/0:  This is the first year we are doing this.  What is in the bag is from Santa, or surrounding it if it’s a big present.  And everything else will be wrapped from us.

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What are your little ones asking for this year?



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