Friday was a good day.

We biked the swiss and french countryside.
Stopped to do some sunflower, gladiola, and berry picking.
We rode over 16 miles.  Which is a lot for little ole me!
As we were biking I couldn’t help but think how God makes everything good in His own timing.
Three years ago I wouldn’t have been able to dream up that I’d ever again have enough stamina for something like this.  
Much less be biking up and down hills with a husband i adore and all the while in foreign countrysides.
So once again, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude.
For bikes rides, Gods generosity and renewing spirit, a husband who is patient with me as I attempt to go up and down rolling hills, and friends that cook us delicious meals as we talk underneath stars on their patio.
I seem to have been bit by the even mooshier gooshier bug lately, huh?
Warning: no signs pointing for it to stop anytime soon!  
see! i don’t brush my hair.  #scaryspice
{francesca earrings, j.crew riding leggings, h&m dress, h&m kids belt, gap sandals}

I’d love to know …
what’s on your gratitude list for the day?

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