Friday in France – Strasbourg this time

We just cannot get enough of France lately.  
So we took an hour and a half train ride from Basel to Strasbourg, France.
This is the big city for the Alsace region and was such a delight.

it was windy and rainy at times but we decided to Seize the Day as the above sign nudged us in that direction.

starting off at the cathedral

then we enjoyed lunch and vino al fresco.

we strolled along to find the Hospital.  
Where the oldest wine in the WORLD is located.
yes, at a hospital.

postcard pretty

and we found it.  the oldest wine cellar in the world and behind us the oldest wine in the world.  1472.  

more Alsatian treats – hearts galore and beautiful window displays.

We stumbled upon a Michelin rated restaurant.  – Chez Ivonne.

This is our Fois Gras sampling.  it was mmmmmmm – amazing.

our dessert – chocolate fondant with warm chocolate filling served ontop of lavender custard.
i could eat this all day everyday.

I’m off to buy more cheese and prepare for the wine & cheese fest tonight.  can’t wait!

Hope you darlings have a great weekend!


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