Fresh start for 2017

fresh start for 2017I am so appreciative of all of you who took the survey!

I’ve been blogging for what will be seven years this upcoming February.  How is that possible?!  I started just to document us living abroad, and life as a newlywed.  I’m impressed with any of you who hung around long after that adventure, into the wedding planning world, and as I became a mother.  To be honest, seven years can be a little embarrassing to me.  I can fall into that comparison game all too often.  Why am I not further along?  But my “why” of blogging is helping, encouraging, and inspiring others.  And I’m doing that – even if it feels, on some days, on a small scale.

Back in Switzerland I had SO much time.  Too much time!  who ever has that?  it was a luxury I didn’t completely realize.  Now with two kids, I realize it more than ever.  Sometimes I kick myself – why didn’t I … enter a list of things but among the biggest I ask is why didn’t I master my camera?  I was caught up in all of you, in telling my stories, sharing our life, making meals, smelling roses, and being married to my dream guy.  I wrote with so much candor then.  I didn’t make a dime.  Over the years, opportunities started to pour in.  I took too many.  I wrote way too many sponsored posts.  I lost readers.  I fell off the face of the planet there for a while, struggling with just being another voice.  I didn’t want to blog if it wasn’t something positive for anyone to read.  I was inconsistent, for mostly good reasons, but that lost more devoted readers.  If you’ve been following for long, like many of  y’all that took the survey, you know all of this.  In 2017, I’ll still have a sponsored post here or there, but from here on out, they will only be 100% consistent with who I am, and what I truly love.  They won’t take over this blog, like I feel they once did.

The majority of y’all want to see more of —  everyday life with kids, home decor, style posts, and travel- in that order.  The other categories had interest as well, with health, beauty topics requested too.  Sometimes with kids, I struggle with how much to put out here, which is why in the last part of this year I’ve been trying to put more home decor and style here.  In 2017 I want to write more like I used to.  That was said repeatedly in the survey, and I miss it too.  When I first started there was so much in my head I was working through, now I don’t have the same struggles like I once did.  But I do have struggles!  Many of you commented on how things seem too perfect here.  So I want to work on striking a balance in 2017 between pretty and my reality.   Many of you said where’s the clutter?  the toys?  the mess?  Much of that is assigned to one room – our playroom – which is the ugliest room in the house by far.  An addition in the 70’s that would inspire no one.  And I promise the mess extends from there!!

I also realize I can’t please everyone.  While we have some fun travels coming up (marrakech, puerto rico, nevis) for 2017, travel posts will be limited.  But I understand those who miss those posts!!  At this stage in our life, it’s important for consistency at church and in our community.  I also think this is a lesson for contentment for me, as I do love to go, go, go.  But also crave that consistency at home, as much as my kids do.

Thank you for reading and thanks for all of the inspiration you’ve given me for 2017!  I am excited to share more of my heart here with you all.  Cheers to a great year for all of us!!

ps:  I posted the giveaway winner on the previous post.  Picked through – it was #12 of 116 entries.




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