Frenchie Friday

I’m a weird bird in that i love to grocery shop.
whole foods tends to send me over the edge in sheer bliss.
so i headed into france for a little trip to the Gaent.
basically, frances walmart.
I could write an entire thesis on the bane of walmart.
for one, the lighting.  that darn fluorescent lighting.  
it drives me craaayzeee.
and makes me look like a zombie.
BUT every now and then I crave a little americana in my life.
i had to see what the frenchies version of walmart was all about.
verdict – loved it.  despite poor lighting too.
for their cheese selections alone i will go again.
ohhhh everything really is better in france.
going to make a proper cheese plate tonight!  
oh my YUM.
over HERE guest posting too!  

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