Freiburg, Germany

When JB was 3 years old and his sister 5, his parents invited a foreign exchange student from Germany to live with them in Black Foot, Idaho.  She even holds a diploma from Snake River High.  Now Ivonne has two children of her own and lives in Freiburg, Germany – just an hour north of us.  We had fun visiting with her yesterday!   

and… we’re off.  

Freiburg, Germany

In Freiburg, all of the walkways have a little stream running down them.
the fable is if you fall into one  – you will marry a German.  i did not fall in (:

Then Ivonne took us to her village.

JB & Ivonne

Ivonne & Armin’s home.
Armin is an Architect and designed their home.

lots of open spaces in their home.  with a great porch in the center. right next to their canal.  

Armin made this!
And this!  
(the window below has a view of their neighbor, and the stream running in between them.)

then we hiked to a castle (made in 1250) in the spooky black forest
it was worth it.  take a look at this view!
not just JB (;
Ivonne, JB, and Me (:

our train was delayed so we took a late night stroll in Freiburg


We had so much fun thanks to Ivonne and hope to visit again soon.


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