{my sweet brothers 30th!!}
{2 months till my mom is 60.  sixty!  she looks like she could be my sister!}
{babysitting roscoe went well.  i miss him!}
this weekend was filled with my brothers birthday, stone crabs, sunshine, a labradoodle, kale chips, and getting ready for Valentine’s Day.
I’m not the biggest valentine’s day fan.  i’m a fan. just a small one lately.  last year we went to a nice restaurant which was so overpriced for the holiday.  we spent $150 dollars on an old tasting lobster and some hilarious version of paella heart shaped pot pie (really?  is that real? still not sure).  So tomorrow we are staying in.  I’ve got the menu all planned out.  I’m going to try to make it very special for mr. tucker.  or as we’re all calling him lately (what they call him in panama at the plate) – “ho ta bay tooooooker” .  That’s JB tucker in Spanish apparently.  I’ve also been calling him sherman, he’s been calling me Flossie.  per his request.   oh, marriage.   (:
Oh, and Valentine’s day has grown a soft spot in my heart as last year on Vday,  I started blogging!  Valentine’s Day 2010 marks the day of the very first post of fairy tales are true.  
I’m so glad I started blogging.  You all have been incredible to get to “know”!
Come back tomorrow for a sweet giveaway!!
I’m excited about it (:
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
What are your plans for vday?

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