Florida Living

this guy is my best friend.  suisse- can he just stay a little longer?
 a little movie with a fave band of horses song.
Spring break.  late twenties style.  we fished a little, drank coronas, met up with friends and tied up to their boat, and are now quite sun-kissed.
JB leaves for Switzerland on Wednesday. this wednesday.  It has come quick this year.  far too soon in my opinion.
I’m stuck here until May 10th finishing up grad school.  
I know it’s what needs to happen, but a big part of me wishes i could just sneak into his suitcase.  
I’m thankful I have a lot to look forward to.
a road trip this weekend to visit Ash, Carley, & Janet (:
a trip to Memphis & Oxford, MS to take a very BIG test (which i’m terrified of)
HVH’s second bachelorette in Vegas!!  
Thank goodness I’ll be busy . . . 
Although I’m sure there will be lots of these posts coming to you in the near future.
(gigantic baby human who already misses her not yet gone husband)

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