five trader joe’s meals

I mentioned a few posts back about how I go to Trader Joe’s every Monday morning to buy groceries for the week.  A couple people have asked if I’d share what I typically pick up while I’m there.  While this varies every week, here are some of my previous meals and favorites.  We almost always go out to eat once every week, for our date night.  But the rest of the time I cook at home, with JB grilling some of the meat usually once a week.  I would say nothing takes more than thirty minutes of actual active cooking time.  I am not a structured meal planner at all.  When I’m there, I make sure to get four protein sources, lots of veggies, and salads to cover the week.  I guess I mentally plan it all in my head, and based on what looks good to me, and what I know the kids will eat.  But somehow it works out and there’s very little waste as we have the leftovers for lunch.

Meal #1:
ground turkey with quinao pasta and homemade tomato sauce from their tomatoes.
I buy the precut onions (so lazy!) and simmer that with olive oil and garlic, then brown the ground turkey.  To make my tomato sauce I add a little onions, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil to simmer.  Then add cut up cherry and heirloom tomatoes to a little pot which simmers for about 30 minutes.  I top with their shaved parm, romano, and asiago cheese.  Everyone in the family will eat this.  I also make JB and I a small salad.

Meal #2:
Mahi Mahi Tacos. This comes frozen so you have to thaw it out in the morning.  I usually pan fry this.
I pick up their hard taco shells.  And also add these for toppings:  pico de gallo salsa in mild, black beans, sour creme, and avocados.  I grow cilantro at home, so we always add some fresh on top.  I put all of this deconstructed on a little plate for the kids as they eat more when it’s like that.  I also give the kids yogurt as a side and apples for a meal like this.  While JB and I eat their their kale and broccoli slaw mix.  

Meal #3:
Healthy 8 Veggie mix  is one of my favorites!  The combination of all these veggies is perfect together – especially if you like a little crunch to your food like me.  With this, I also use the diced onions, a little butter, and garlic first.  Then I add this in to my wok, stir occasionally, and cover it on low.  I then add their cooked organic jasmine rice in and stir.  I add salt and garlic pepper in this as well, with just a small splash of balsamic vinegar, and coconut oil.  Stirring more so it all gets covered with salt/pepper/balsamic/coconut oil.  I usually bake my chicken tenders with coconut oil for this in the oven.  Then I add the chicken to the whole mix and serve.  Everyone likes this in our family.

Meal #4:
Pizza night.  The garlic and herb pizza dough is soo good!  I cut up heirloom tomatoes to go on it, and already have the diced onions.  I add their shredded mozzarella and top with pepperoni’s.  Tuck loves to get in on making this.  I usually serve this with sweet potato fries .  So a pretty lazy, not super healthy meal but everyone likes it.

Meal  #5:
I try to only have red meat once a week.  We love their filet – the quality is excellent.  JB grills these.  I usually serve this with roasted butternut squash (the pre cut bag they have).  I’ll also do a small salad with this.  Using the organic herb salad mix, with heirloom tomatoes, an avocado if I have one that’s ripe, their burrata with olive oil and balsamic glaze on top.  The kids won’t eat the salad but both like burrata, filet, and butternut squash.  Just NOT touching, for Tuck. ha.

Other favorites:
Their yogurt smoothies for the kids and their strawberry yogurt
organic peanut butter and almond butter (which is a lot less than at publix)
frozen fruits for smoothies
fresh mozzarella string cheese – most string cheese is sorta blah, but not this.
organic mini cheese sandwich crackers
apple sticks
freeze dried blueberries 
triple creme brie
siracha bacon jerkey
frozen bambino pizzas for a quick lunch
ezekiel bread (the cinnamon raisin) is much cheaper here.
applegate sliced turkey
pop up sponges
and fresh flowers!!

I’m sure there’s a ton I’m forgetting.  It’s all so good!  If you live near one and haven’t tried TJ’s yet, I highly suggest it!  Our farm stand down the road closed for good in January, so that’s been another reason I’ve made the change to TJ’s every week.

Would love to know some of your favorite quick meals from Trader Joe’s!

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