Five Things

After reading Liz‘s Five things, I thought I’d join in too.

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Five things about Moi. 

{1} I have come to love imperfection.  Things that feel or look too shiny/perfect feel like a big charade to me now.  In design, in dressing and just in life in general.  This has helped me embrace my messy hair… and a truckload of other “imperfections” evident in my everyday life.  

{2}  I’ve never been a patient person.  But I grew patience overnight when my son was born.  It can continue to grow… I’ve got a ways to go in that department. 

{3}  I threw up probably 6 out of 7 days during the nine months I was pregnant.  Including the day Tuck was born.  I took zofran, and lawwwwd help me if I didn’t.  Then the once a day throw up would lead to  I actually feel better, and maybe even more rested with a newborn.  Despite the photo above, pregnancy was anything but glam for me. 

{4}  I attended a Christian elementary and high school.  13 years.  And the two things I’m most grateful for in that is the friends I made from there, and that we had to memorize scripture.  So many times in my life I have been afraid or confused and the right verses always pop into my mind. 

{5}  I am mostly sweeter than sweet tea in mississippi.  But mannnnn I can be feisty too.  you best watch where you’re stepping if you mess with someone i love.  

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