On the first day of school

{wesleys outfit // tucks outfit is eliza james but looks sold out // tucks backpack // wesleys backpack c/o love bambinos 20% of their store with LOVEST // school bus photo prop  – I purchased the first and last day }

Yesterday was Tucks first day of actual Pre-School and Wesleys first day at a mothers day out program.  Wesleys eyes lit up telling my mom after school that he went to school!  he has a “packpack”!  He was so ready, no jitters, and it was so cute.  It shocks me a bit that my kids are the kids that give me a kiss and run on in.  I did not have that kind of confidence as a kid, and was the total opposite.  I was hanging on my moms leg and pleading not to have to leave her.  Sorry mom!!

I thought it would be fun to talk about both of them on the first day, and hopefully I can continue it on the last day!

John Tucker, age 4, on the first day of Pre-School:

He wants to be a ghostbuster when he grows up.  He still loves all things police though, and following rules AND enforcing them is his favorite.  He is my patient buddy, the best big brother.  He loves every single person he meets, and tries to make a connection with everyone.  He is not shy.  When we have childrens church he is always the first to raise his hand and speak in front of the congregation.  He is beginning to ask so many questions about Jesus, God, heaven, etc.  He is loving, kind hearted, and incredibly thoughtful for a four year old.  He doesn’t pass a flower without picking me one.  He is always babying his gigantic baby.  My favorite was this summer when wes didn’t want to get into the pool, and tuck put his arm over him, and said “now, it’s okay wes, I will be right here, okay buddy?”.  He loves playing with legos, playing hide and go seek, bike riding to eat at a restaurant, playing golf with daddy while wesley naps on saturday afternoons, and being as social as humanely possible.  He starts T-ball next month (jb is an assistant coach and I am team mom which makes me so happy).  He is also doing Suzuki, and soccer.  He is still super cuddly, and gives kisses away freely.  He is still going to marry TristanLea, they are going to live in my house and have five children. Her version is a little different – as she plans on living with him in her big girl bed.  (:

Wesley James, age 2, on the first day of PK2:

Wes is in the stage of loving firetrucks, which he calls “weee-oooo-weee-ooooo’s”.  He is decisive about everything.  yeah, no, yes, no!  he will let you know what his feelings/needs are.   If someone is crying he frantically says “it otay it otay it otay!” and pats their back.  He’s always trying to help people up.  He most definitely thinks he’s older than he is.  He worships Tuck, and it’s as he should since Tuck is incredibly kind to him.  If he’s not around, it’s “where tuh go?” … at least a couple dozen times until he’s home.  His prayers are so cute and involve him saying, very loudly “TANK YOU FOR _____  -x everyone he knows.  He is already so into humor, and knows exactly how to get his brothers goat.  When he does, he just laughs and laughs and laughs.  He’s very proud of sleeping in a big boy bed.  I haven’t had to change a #2 diaper in at least a month, and other than that he wears pull ups (and pee’s in them sometimes, and sometimes he lets us know).  It sounds weird but he has pretty much potty trained himself.  Or he just desperately wants to be like his big brother.  Even when we were out and about at Disney World, he’d tell us, and go on the public potty.  He’s loving, affectionate, and independent.  He says he has a girlfriend names “Dow”.  ??  He loves construction work, police everything, firetrucks, play-do, art and more art, dressing up, and running until he passes out.


Thanks for humoring this mom through this post <3


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