Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees for the Front Door

red front door with fiddle leaf fig trees

{Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree’s are from suncoast nursery // anthropologie door knocker  // doormat c/o sugarboo and co }

A couple of weeks ago I went out to my dads friends farm where they primarily grow Fiddle Leaf Fig trees.  These are where my first ones came from — you can read that post here.  My dad was looking for greenery for our wedding when he just popped into this nursery on a whim and they have been friends ever since.  So we ended up having tons of fiddle leaf fig trees all over our wedding venue – little did I know they’d be my obsession a couple years later.  Both my parents and my in laws planted them in their yards after the wedding and today they are healthy, huge, and beautiful.  I love that they are living on way past the wedding(: !!  I snapped a few pictures when I was at the farm and had so many of my friends asking, “take me!!”  “where is this!!”.  My dad was laughing at me because I was all “is this heaven?” upon seeing rows and rows of FLFT’s.  Some were even ten feet tall.  I asked Ralph, the owner (who is the kindest man!), if they’d work on my front stoop since it gets a lot of sun and he said yes.   It’s been about three weeks and so far, so good.  He also said the biggest mistake people make with FLFT’s is over watering them.  He said they typically need a good watering once every two weeks.  I should have asked more questions!!

I had hibiscuses here before – one is still going strong in our backyard now and the other didn’t make it.  I think I prefer this pop of green to the pop of pink florals with green leaves.  The pink didn’t work with the red door but I was limited at the nursery!

Anyway, here’s to hoping our new Fiddles thrive here, in just about full sun!!


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