a few thoughts on Italy & a DELICIOUS Italian cafe

Currently, I am re-reading for the third time – Eat Pray Love.  The truth is I can never get passed the Italy and India section … the Indonesia book just gets a little weird for me.  But third times the charm – i will finish it.  darn it. PLus, now I can relate a bit more now that I lived vicariously through Emily who was living in the oasis of indo.
No big surprise here but the Italy part is my favorite.  I love how she talks about Italians and the way they enjoy themselves.  They are hard workers but know when to turn it off.  Sometimes I find it hard to turn off and really enjoy myself.  guilt free.  The italians do not seem to have this problem. at all.

Another thing about Italy to prepare yourself for is- The men! they do not care.  what you have heard is true.  they will tell you they love you and have a feast with their eyes over you right in front of your husband!  Oh and the women- they do not care but in a different way.  They are so fabulous and I am just a silly American women making pleas to God for them to rub off on me.  They don’t look you over here – kind of to say  “I’m a beautiful italian woman and i speak the most gorgeous language on earth and my clothes are valentino.  sorry about your luck but i am not even going to look your way!” … i loooove them.  i am constantly oogling them.  I literally sigh when i see them and my eyes are as big as saucers.  At times JB finds my hand over my heart, staring at them in adoration.   

And the last thing I want to tell you about Italy is this:  THE FOOD!  why do we even bother eating elsewhere?  I could write a sonnet on just the Tomatoes alone!!
  … Here’s one of my favorite little cafe’s in Italy – Bianco Latte

these little white houses are everywhere in Bianco Latte!

would be great for table numbers at a wedding too! (:

In conclusion- go to italy and eat. eat. eat.  
oh and have some wine too.  


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