February Goals

 I know February is flying by, but I didn’t want it to go too far without one of these goals posts.  They really do help me stay on track.  Well, mostly!

In January I accomplished:

Threw Tucks Birthday party 

Celebrated Seven years of marriage!

organized two disaster closets in my house

rehab-ed the neglected fiddle (it’s doing much better after some pruning and figuring out the right spot in the house)

finished my monthly power sheets

picked out knobs for our wine cabinet armoire


For february:

I want to be faithful in prayer.  Writing them down helps so much.

re-knob the kitchen.  I did half to see if I’d like it, and so far I love it.  The rest will arrive tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to update y’all.

plan our trip to marrakech at the end of the month.  I haven’t done much of this at all, aside from what’s already been done for us through JBs work.

Celebrate Valentine’s day.  Make it special for the boys, and my husband.  Also my mother.  Last year she threw a valentine’s party for my ninny and her friends, and we went too.  She made it so special for them since they were all widowed.  I hope to make it special for my mom this year as I know it’ll be tough.

one from last month I didn’t get to — write thank you notes with the boys!  why is this so hard for me lately!!

Pick out something special for JBs bday!

put together the bags for molly’s bachelorette in miami.  I’m all ears if you have suggestions for what goes inside.


What are some of your goals for February??


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