These are a few of my favorite things … lately

boston terrier

  1.  Lola!  Saying she’s overprotective is an understatement, which can get pretty crazy, but she really has been amazing with the kids.  I’m so grateful for that.  She is our sweet (albeit seriously crazy) girl and she’s very much loved in our house.

2.  Watercolors with Wesley.  Wes loves drawing and painting.  So we’ve been doing this outside on the days Tuck goes to school before his nap.

3.  These Lauren Milmine earrings (c/0)!   I’ve been wearing them every chance I get.  And of course my Le Papier Studio silhouette locket of the boys heather gave me last christmas.

4.  wesley is talking a lot lately!  For this bath I asked him, do you want to get in?  “ya!” … Lola, Bubbles, what dat?, button, wee, whoa, wow, and  NO!  are his other favorites lately.


5. Trying out DITTO (as an influencer)- which is like Rent The Runway but for Sunglasses.  I just finished my first month, swapped out my sunglasses four times and loved it.  I Picked all Karen Walkers.  I don’t think I could ever pay the retail price for any of these more trendy (though really nice quality!) glasses but it has been fun to wear them for a week or two and then swap them out for another.  You can get a free month with code SARAHTUCKER

Molly's Dryer Balls

6.  Dryer balls… how did it take me so long to try these?  They cut down on dry time, soften everything up, and you can add a few drops of essential oils to safely make your clothing smell just the way you like.  These are Molly’s Suds ones.

disney silhouettes

7.  These silhouettes I had made at Disney last month.  I’ll never tire of having their silhouettes done.

8.  Last night it was actually feeling very nice when we were outside watching the boys run around.  Loved being outside!


9.  Sunflower season in this vase!  ps:  These prints are currently available again

10.  A couple new ginger jars I scored at the thrift store this week.  This one is now on the sleeping porch with a new plant.

Any new favorites lately?

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