favorite devotionals

some of my daily devo habits include: starting my day with Jesus Calling, middle of the day with power thoughts by joyce meyer, and ending the day with the everyday life Bible.  I find that taking just a few minutes here and there throughout the day help to center me, encourage me, and keep me focused on what really matters.  
::some other books I could recommend for different times in my life::
when i was heartbroken:  redeeming love (can’t recommend that enough), the mark of the lion series (hadassah is such an amazing example in this) 
when i was searching:  the search for significance 
when i am fed up with the excess in my life: 7
couldn’t get enough of this in college: blue like jazz
when i was a new mama (could use a re-read): out of the spin cycle
when i need a kick in the butt to get my head out of my iPhone: hands free mama
one of the best books out there:  love does
when going through tough times:  you’ll get through this
what are some of your favorites?  always searching for some good ones.  

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