father’s day gift guide

Here are some father’s day gift ideas – inspired by what’s been a hit with the fellas in my life.  
 big hugs to all the dads out there!  
1.  J.crew’s monogram shop.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – it’s a great gift.  My dad wears his polo all of the time!
2.  I’ve made cards from pinhole press that I know they will all three treasure more than anything I could give them.
3.  JB got the Rivo Keurig for Christmas from my parents which is the gift that just keeps on giving.  It makes the perfect shot of espresso or latte!
4. The mint.  I know what you’re thinking, whaaaa?!  But if you have a neat freak on your hands this little creature might be the ticket.  Especially if the pet hair drives him crazy.    We run ours once every evening before bed.
5.  Fitbit “flex” wireless activity and sleep monitor.  My father in law has one and I know he loves knowing what kind of sleep he has, and it also motivates him to be active.  
6.  We are tie bar lovers around here.  You just can’t beat the prices for their silk ties.  Plus they have an option for longer ties, for those of our men (mine) who have longer torsos.
7.  This is JB’s favorite after shave.  And I approve because it doesn’t have harsh ingredients.
8.  a moscow mule is for the man who loves a good cocktail.  
9.  These are the softest shirts. JB has this grey one from four years ago, and it’s just as soft and in just as good of condition as the day we purchased it.  
10. I could definitely see my dad loving this handsfree headphones; to use while he’s working out annnnd when he’s doing his favorite thing – chainsawing trees down.
11.   JB still has the blood clot 🙁 so he has to wear compression socks everyday which is generally for the older set.  With VIM & VIGR at least they can be cute!
12.  for the survivalist or just for the guy that likes to be prepared – boltwell has you covered.  they’ve come up with everything you’d need in any given situation.  

if you’re still stumped – this guide from Christmas may help you!  Happy Monday friends!

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