Pony rides and Petting Zoo – Tucks down on the farm party

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five.  HOW?!  I’ll try and spare you my disbelief!

A couple of months ago when Tuck was  knee deep in his obsession with ghostbusters, I figured that’s what he’d want his birthday party to be be.  But then he had farm day at school, and he came home asking if he could have a farm party for his birthday.  And I held onto this idea – because farm party > ghostbuster party in my mind.  I’m sure it’ll be ninja turtles next year, or something similar, and when that time comes I’ll embrace it.  But farm was so sweet!

Anyway, I googled petting zoo and found Addi’s Pony Parties.  I booked them about 6 weeks in advance; communication was excellent, and they did a great job.  Their farm came with two ponies, a couple goats, two BABY goats that were so sweet and tame, a pot belly pig, and a mini horse.  It was also a good price — we would have paid way more if we went to chuck e cheese!  They also provided little cups of feed for the kids to feed the animals.

While I booked them a while ago, I didn’t really think much about the party until the week of.   So that meant I was too late for anything customized from etsy or shindigz.  I amazon primed these hats which all the kids could take home.   Heather, tucks godmama, (paper please!) made his adorable sign.  I love the gingham and watercolor animals!  I had seen these party animal cake toppers on etsy from Half Pint Fauna, but her shop was closed a bit for the holidays and I didn’t order in time.   I tried my hand at making some.  I just cut little pieces of gingham paper, rolled them into hats, popped a pom pom on top, and hot glued it all.  I used playmobil and schleich farm animals that we already had lying around.  I bought hay bails at Come See Come Sav for $8.95 each.  If you aren’t local, call around to your local animal supplies stores.  I tried to make seating out of them by sticking a blanket and some pillows on them, but they really became food for the animals which is OK by me.  I did buy those galvanized animals ( I hot glued a party hat on those too) from Hobby Lobby.  I already owned a couple of galvanized tins, and the rest I borrowed from my close friend Kelly.  Kelly also forced me into buying the blue and white gingham tablecloth a few months ago while we were thrifting, she knew I needed it.  It was $1!  I’m so glad I got it – because it’ll be lovely for spring and it was perfect for his party.  I bought the 5 from hobby lobby, then painted it in gingham.  It looks like a five year old painted it. lol.  The little farm boy figurine is also from a thrift store and was a couple dollars.  I put a party hat on him!  Decor wise it was pretty easy and most of it was things we already owned.  I have to say I did get a little ADD about this party.  I was like farmer, no- farmers market, no – cowboys!  it was easy to get distracted.  I just kinda kept with farm theme overall, and called the fruit stand “tucks farmers market”.

We had around 70 respond that they were coming, so I was looking to feed a crowd.  The party itself was from 10-12, but I knew lots would come hungry.  I eat a big breakfast every morning, but I know a lot of people don’t.  And hangry isn’t a good look on anyone.  So I asked on Southern Mama Guide’s FB what people would serve at a (farm) birthday party at that time of day and had a ton of great suggestions.

We ended up going with:

biscuits – jams, and butter.

A ton of bacon and sausages. (made ahead, and then heated up in a warmer)

I had assorted fruit that kids like – cutie oranges, bananas, apples.  That made up “Tucks farmers market”.  I also had carrots with their leaves as decor here.

Cut up fruit plus a fruit and yogurt trifle (gluten free)

Fried Chicken  (picked up that morning from Publix.  You can call and pre-order it so it’s ready, even if it’s earlier in the morning than normal)  and waffles (made the night before, and heated up that morning)

mini quiche served in mini phillo dough molds.  Super easy and also made ahead, then warmed.

Assorted Donuts from Turners – the best

My mom made delicious cheese grits (gluten free)

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said “whatever you want to get me”.  sweet boy.  I think he’s still a little overwhelmed by Christmas!  So it’s fun to go bigger on his birthday party since his presents from us weren’t many or expensive.  He is SO social, and watching him at his party you could tell he was like living inside of his dreams.  His friends at  his house, with animals!

Happy birthday angel boy, I love celebrating you (and all of your obsessions)!!

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  • Reply Bailey

    Sarah! I love this so much! You’re right about ninja turtles/Star Wars… but you will make anything cute! Thanks for the inspo!

    January 8, 2018 at 9:56 am
  • Reply Victoria

    70 people? Oh my goodness! You are a saint! Cute as always!

    January 8, 2018 at 3:32 pm
  • Reply Raquel Kubec

    so cute! i love the little hats on the animals! i may have to steal that idea for my little one’s first coming up! thanks for sharing!

    January 11, 2018 at 10:08 am
  • Reply Annie @ Home of Malones

    The details of this party are adorable!!! I love love the idea of having a pony!! I might have to steal this theme idea one day !!

    January 11, 2018 at 11:52 am
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