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I still get a lot of emails about where we stayed while in Europe, so I thought I’d do a comprehensive list for anyone who is wondering.  I like your emails, I do!  But in the case this info is all you wanted, here it is.  I’m hoping to compile a little FAQ with links like this for y’all.  The FAQ page I was working on seemed a little daunting, and sort of jumbled with all the random questions.

For the most part I viewed hotels in Europe as just a places to stay – as long as it was clean and safe, I was good to go.  And a big bonus if you can book an apartment so you don’t have to eat out all the time!  Now when we head back I’m looking to splurge, mostly because it’s not on my dime (jb’s companies). 

Amsterdam:  NH amsterdam 
this hair!  oh man i miss this hair!

Barcelona:  Casa De Billy Barcelona

Basel, CH:  Didn’t stay here but friends did when they came into town – Steinenschanz
We did rent this apartment through airbnb.
Berlin:  Art’otel – this one was inspired by Andy Warhol.
the hipster capitol of the world – move over brookly
Colmar:  We stayed here.  Just promise me you eat here when you go (: 
Dubrovnik:  we used airbnb – but our apartment appears to not be renting anymore. 
It was literally just outside of the city walls.  
Edinburgh:  We stayed with friends while visiting Edinburgh and I believe they used VRBO to rent a flat. 
 Giardini Naxos, Italy, Sicily:  Hilton Giardini Naxos 
Greve in Chianti:  Santo Stefano   which was booked through Agriturismo (big fan of this!)
Hvar:  Villa Maja
Milan:  NH Milan
Paris:  Booked through hotwire both times – both outside of the city center, but nice.  Would definitely stay in marmonte if I went again. 
Positano:  Villa Sofia 
our breakfast view every morning
Prague:  Can’t for the life of me remember the name of it!  it was booked through hotwire and we paid $50 a night.  this included a huge breakfast, wifi, tea and drink lounge.  It was definitely a score for hotwire.  and just a short metro to all the sites.  
Split, Croatia:  Kaleta Apartments 
St. Petersburg, Russia:  not worth mentioning only because we had no AC + mosquitos attacking.  And it was still a pretty penny.  Would probably go the airbnb route here.  
Venice: Villa Vicini
Vienna:  Intercontinental 
Carribiean … 
We stayed here in Panama City
and in Pedasi we stayed here (still dream about this place)
Dominican Republic: 
 Iberostar Grand Bavaro – where i ate so many lobsters i broke into a rash (we’re talking like 5 per day).  i regret nothing.  (;

What’s the favorite place you’ve ever stayed?
spill please.  

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