Excited to see you, April

{taken this morning on my walk with Lola}
honest?  i’m really excited to see march go.
I haven’t been this excited to see a month come to an end in ages.  
but there are always the lessons.  it will have always given me that.  perspective.  
the hard road is good for that.  
the truth is we don’t need a new month or new year to start over.  but for some reason- it helps.
march was the hardest month I’ve had in years.  which is hard for me to even type.
but I am determined not to let it stretch into April.
April.  I have high hopes for you (:
You are going to be filled with 
taking care of yourself
nurturing relationships
two amazing projects
my business being officially open {website is up next week!}
watching more sunsets and sunrises
drinking at least 8 glasses of water
choosing thankfulness
remembering that fear is a big fat liar
I am a woman who can recover from setbacks no matter how great.  and so are you.
so come on april!  

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