Essential Oils for Labor & Delivery with @oilnurseNYC

My friend Jessica (who is a wife, mama, and nurse in New York City) sent me this book along with some essential oils and blends to help me in this last trimester, during labor and delivery, and during the post-partum period.  I just bought my first diffuser per her recommendation – before I was diffusing on the stove with a pot of simmering water which works too!  The book and her guidance has been a game changer as of late.  A couple things about the book – it’s short!  I often get overwhelmed if there’s a ton of information in books like these.  It is really easy to read!  It covers everything from fertility blends, blends for each trimester, babies and children and post partum.  As with anything concerning my family I always want to be juuuust the right amount of cautious when it comes to anything that they will digest.  This book really laid it all out in lay(wo)man’s terms for me and has sparked me to do more researching on my own as well.

*a few notes for beginners like me from Jessica*
-Use a carrier oil for diluting- fractioned coconut oil, olive almond.
-Some oils are “hot” meaning they can burn if not diluted – some of those are clove, peppermint, oregano.  If something burns, don’t try to wash off with water but add more carrier oil so that will slow down the absorption and burning sensation
– Take a class.  Jessica ( can help connect you if you’re interested.

Planning on doing a follow up post with how these helped me and what’s helping me post partum!  Right now I am really loving the Lavender at night.  Definitely hit the weird insomnia phase and this is helping me drift back to sleep when I wake up at the scary hour of 3am.

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