Eggplant Mozzarella Lasagna

You’ll need:

Lasagna noodles (I used barilla which are easy and you don’t have to cook them.  just saturate them with tomato sauce)

Fresh Basil- chopped up

Garlic – chopped up  

Eggplant – sliced the long ways

Pasta sauce 


Olive oil


bread crumbs

Fresh tomatoes- sliced

First spread olive oil on the bottom of a pan.  After you slice the eggplant, dip it in a little bowl of egg, and then cover with bread crumbs.  Put them in the pan, then cover with sauce, crushed garlic, basil, mozzarella, and fresh tomatoes.  Then you can cover with lasagna noodles.  Repeat as many times as you’d like – though I did three layers.  On the top layer i put the remaining breadcrumbs on top.  Oh- and since we have a gas oven that is from the ancient times that you literally light with matches to start up — so there is no telling how hot it is in there.  in a real world, I’d say bake at 375 for thirty minutes and then check on this little guy to see how its tasting.  

it looks a little messy but JB went back for seconds, and thirds (:  

eat more veggies

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