Easter Weekend

When Tuck woke up Easter morning, I said let’s go see what the Easter bunny brought.  He said “oh no!  but I didn’t leave him any carrots!”  I told him I took care of it (:  I love this age.

What an amazing reminder Easter weekend is.  That we need not feel shame, guilt, fear… we don’t have to be perfect, but believe.  He died for all of our sins!  It’s such a humbling and weekend, and sharing that with little ones is especially special.  Even if they don’t really get it yet, they are getting close.  And that is exciting!!  It’s also so nice to spend time with family.  The boys had three Easter baskets – way too spoiled by family!

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend!  We seem to be back down with a mystery bug – just a fever, no other symptoms.  So we are taking it easy with some wild kratts and lots of play doh.


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