Our favorite little adriatic seaside town – Dubrovnik.  Hands down.  We loved strolling through the stradun, walking the loooong city walls, sipping posip – a new favorite croatian wine, taking a dip in the ocean and just being beach bums.  
How such a beautiful place was bombed in recent years, I don’t know.
Much of the old town has been lovingly restored, but then you pass by a house that did not.  Bullet wholes literally covering entire walls.  The people of Croatia amaze me, having experienced war and regime changes in this lifetime.
They are truly some of the kindest people we have met, filled with life and love for their country, and extremely helpful too.  Their resilience will continue to inspire me.
And their country is darn beautiful too.
today IS a good day.
i would have buns of steel if i lived in dubrovnik.  stairs everywhere.
i asked for an iced coffee.  i got coffee with ice cream, whipped creme and sprinkles.  no complaints here (:

umm… everyone was doing this?  JB said i had to, too.  ?
Coming up, while I’m away in Russia and Berlin.
A guest post from Kelley Maria.
The City walls of Dubrovnik
Trogir, Croatia
Budva & Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


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