Dressing for cold weather at Disney

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After some encouragement, I’ve got the post for you!  I decided to break it up into two posts.  One for cold weather (cold to me anyway!), and one for blistering heat.  This is the cold weather one.  I’ve actually been there more during cooler weather than warm in the last four years.  I don’t have a ton of pictures of me because I’m usually the photographer and sometimes I’ve been crazy enough to take the boys solo.

The above picture is our first trip to Disney.  Which was just after tucks first birthday in January of 2014.  Obviously, we enjoyed it because I have become that mom.  The mom that would cause my pre-kid self to shudder.  just kidding, kind of.  I’ve never worn ears, but I’m sure I’ll break that eventually.  Parenting is pretty much a whole lot of-  never say never’s (;  In my case anyway!

I have one hard rule- whatever makes you comfortable.  Well, I guess to a point, you should probably put a bra on.  And I mean maybe pajamas aren’t the best choice, but you do you.  I do not feel comfortable or like myself in a plain T-shirt, so I don’t think I’ll become someone with matching t shirts.  But if you do, that’s great!  A fitted T, or tank, all day any day though.  The above picture is something I felt comfy in – a maxi skirt, a cardigan that can also wrap around as a scarf, some comfortable sandals, a scarf, a tank underneath, and a hat.  lots of layers.  The bag choice was just because I hadn’t pulled the trigger on a diaper bag backpack yet.

Here I am the following year when we met up with my cousins kids.  I have worn this jcrew factory jacket there a lot.  It’s a down coat, with a hood, so if it gets cold I can easily cover my ears.  And I don’t have to worry about losing a hat that I brought.  I wore this with a long sleeve chambray top, my trusty new balance sneakers, and black pixie pants from j.crew.

This was last week at Epcot with my parents.  I wore something different earlier (my comfiest jeans, the same sneakers, and a festive plaid j.crew top) but it was somewhat chilly heading back for afternoon naps, so I wanted long sleeves for the evening.  The shirt is from Zara, my pants are c/o Athleta  , my shoes are j.crew, my sunglasses are knock off karen walker from amazon, my backpack is one I’ve worn all over the place, especially disney, c/o Uashmama a few years ago – my fave thing about this is that I can wash it and it comes back looking great }  These pants were perfect because they have four zippered pockets – so you basically have a built in fanny pack if you need it.

This was in January last year.  I wore this bb dakota faux leather (pleather)  jacket, a target top, jeans, my sneakers, and had a fawn design backpack c/o with me.

my mom always looks really cute at disney.  Here she is in a turtleneck sleeveless shirt, some jeans, and tennis shoes.

Here she is in a wool poncho, long sleeve shirt, jeans, and some flats.  And of course earrings and lipstick – two things she’d never go in public without.

{marley lilly vest c/o // jcrew jeans // my trust sneakers // long sleeve top is sold out but jcrew }

This was on a chilly november evening.  I never took the vest off, but I could have.  Though I did unzip it when I was getting warm.

So basically: LAYERS!  It may be freezing during the morning, but you could be sweating by lunchtime thanks to the hot sun.  Then back to cold at night.  So best to wear layers, and store in the bottom of the stroller or get a locker when you don’t need them.


  1.  backpack:  I mentioned this earlier and I’m not sure I’ll go to disney much without a backpack.  Even once my kids are older.  It’s just so convenient.  The one not linked above is Uashmama.
  2. I’m  not sure if it’s living in florida or what, but I wear sunglasses when outdoors even when it’s cloudy.  I also think cute ones can do a lot for an outfit.  A cute baseball cap is also nice if you didn’t have time to do your hair.
  3. a coat – this is if it’s really cold.  I’d probably bring this if it’s 50 or below, with any wind.  A hood is nice
  4. comfortable bottoms – I know I’m in the minority but a good pair of jeans is comfortable to me.  not as comfortable as yoga pants, but I feel more like myself in them.
  5. comfortable walking shoes!  Because you’ll definitely be getting your 10k steps in. I usually do 20k in a day when there.


Hopefully, this was helpful to some of y’all planning winter/spring trips to Disney.  Any other tips out there?  I’d love to hear!

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      it is from loft, but a couple of years ago. 🙁

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