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I am currently on cloud 1000000000.  Let me explain … Before I was a traveling fool and  doting wife I was working on my masters.  In health.  Before that, I was a high school health and PE teacher.  basically sue on glee, haaa no.  at least i hope not.  You might be scratching your head since below i’m making madelines and i speak of cheese on average every other post.  (hey you have to live a little!) But Sweet friends, I am obsessed with healthy, clean, green, organic living.  I thank my mother who is a million light-years ahead on all health matters. I will put it this way – she made all our baby food, had four natural births, and not a soul would be caught dead trading snacks with any of us on the playground.   My first semester in graduate school I was introduced to the wonder of alice waters and her edible schoolyard in california.  and that was it!  i was hooked.  that’s pretty much all I could talk about, all I wrote about in grad school.  One of my dreams is to develop one in my hometown.  I’ve got lots of dreams, but this is on the top of the list.  Today I met with a man who runs one about 20 minutes from me.  And to finish my masters I’ll be taking over.  I’ll have 20 undergraduates to schedule and keep on top of.  I’ll be helping with fundraising, curriculum, and the best part – teaching these kids how to garden!  and all about nutrition.  science. our environment.  I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself.  Plus – everyday will be spent outside with kids, fresh air, and plants.  We’ve also already talked about making this a permanent position for when I come home from Switzerland next year.  
the point is – dreams come true.  one little piece at a time.
what is your dream?
some music for you to think on.  Cranberries – Dreams.

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