Disney Springs with Toddlers

disney springs with toddlers Disney Springs with Toddlers …

Last week we stayed At Disney’s Saratoga Springs, and since it’s a short walk from there, we hit it up three times.  I hadn’t been there since last year when it was under major construction.  This time of year was nice, a lot less construction and the crowds weren’t bad at all.

I strapped them in my double stroller and off we went.  I was solo, so I needed all of the help I could get!  I was surprised at how much there was to do for them.  Even after three trips we still didn’t hit it all.

  1.  Ride the little train. It was $5 for two, $3 for one, and adults are free.  Both boys loved it.
  2. Go to lunch at T-rex  – I had been looking for a reservation but couldn’t snag one online, but at eleven when they first opened we walked right in.  It’s a little scary so probably better suited for 3+.
  3. If you don’t eat there, you can always check out the little digger site for your budding paleontologists.  My kids could have stayed there all day.
  4. Stroll into the rainforest cafe.  Tuck was fascinated by this but wanted  to eat with the dinosaurs instead.  He still loved looking around.  They loved the fake alligator and randomly erupting volcano outside.
  5. Characters in Flight – Get a great view of Disney World from here.  We tried to take it but the day we went over they had suspended it due to wind.
  6. The Lego store – Tuck is obsessed with legos so this was really fun for him.  Wes likes them too, so they had fun in here.  Lots of stations.  Just use hand sanitizer afterwards.
  7. The Ghirardelli store!   You get a free piece at the beginning.  Tuck hit that girl up more than once (;.  I bought a milkshake, gave them each a bit in their sippies, and drank the rest myself.  SO GOOD.
  8. The World of Disney – Disney’s largest character store.  Fun to go in and take a look around.
  9.  Take a boat across the lake.  Both boys loved this!  It’s the simple things, right?
  10. Stroll through Saratoga Springs.  It’s such a pretty resort and a quiet spot to stroll through if your little one(s) decide to nap in the stroller.
  11. Get their silhouettes taken.  Which is more for mom than anyone.  There’s a little kiosk there.  The man did both boys in under five minutes.
  12. Another day once they had a good lunch we stopped by Goofy’s candy shop.  Wes passed out so he didn’t partake but Tuck picked out a lolly pop.  They had amazing looking candied apples!
  13.  Take a ride on the carousel.  We didn’t get to do this but it looked cute!

Hope this gives you some ideas if you’re ever in Disney Springs with your toddlers!




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