Disney during Spring break

On Tuesday I picked up tuck from school, and surprised him by telling him “we’re going to disney world”!  Everyday tuck has a report with a couple categories, and you can get green, yellow or red lights.  All school year, every day, he’s had all green lights.
Sorry this sounds braggy, but I’m really proud of him!  I had been saying every quarter that I wanted to make a big deal of another book of all green lights.  So since yesterday he had off due to parent/teacher conference day (JB went) … I decided this was the perfect time.  We have the weekday select passes for the year, so why not?!  He was so happy for the surprise.  We stayed at Contemporary … I’d say the pros were that you are right by magic kingdom and the rooms are nicer than a lot of other disney resorts,  but the cons were it didn’t seem to run as well as other Disney resorts (crib we requested upon check in took hours to get there, room service was an hour and a half wait, etc).   The walk to the park was so easy though — I left our room at 7:55am  yesterday, and was in the park and through security by 8:10!  I know it’s spring break for a lot of people, and it certainly was crazy at times.  But Magic Kingdom is rarely ever not crazy!  

we also went to Epcot from 11-3 yesterday.  It was the Epcot Flower and Garden festival.  It was beautiful!  The boys had a great time too.

They have  a couple play grounds I really wish they had year round- not just for the festival.  The boys enjoyed just running wild here!


It was such a fun little trip and one I know Tuck will treasure — and hopefully encourage more green lights (:  !!

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