Favorite Disney World moments over the week

Sorry it’s been quiet around here.  A week at Disney, and I’ve fallen asleep at the same time as the boys have every night (7:30!).  Which is not all that unusual but there has been NO down time.  Not complaining, it really has been an extra special week.  It’s flown by!  Here’s some of my favorite moments… in no particular order!
meeting mickey

  1.  Tuck meeting Mickey!  Though he was pretty shy with nearly everyone else.  figment of imagination
  2. Wes after the Figment ride.  I couldn’t get him out of this little dancing sound area!Epcot
  3. Epcot on Wednesday!  It was crazy how no one was there.  But both Wes and I loved it.
  4. Wes stroller napping like a champ every day.  PTLjanuary in orlando
  5. The weather was pretty rough over the weekend but starting Monday it’s been incredible.  January in Florida for the win.
  6. Hollywood Studios with these boys and my mom!Disney Junior
  7. Both boys losing their minds during the Disney Jr show at Hollywood studios.  When the bubbles or the confetti came out they went nuts.  It was so cute!
  8. Having my mom here all week has been the worlds best.
  9. Chef Mickeys.  Which is totally golden corral food with a much higher price tag.  BUT worth every penny!  saratoga springs disney
  10. It’s our third time staying at Saratoga Springs, and we love it.  We also get an incredible deal with my parents timeshare, so that sweetens the deal.  
  11. we wore out the playground at Saratoga Springs.  It’s adorable!
  12. wes and jake!
  13. wes and buzz!  wes and all the characters haha
  14. T-rex for lunch!
  15. tiny excavator at T-rex
  16. Tuck loved designing his own car at the test track … that car he made cracks me up!
  17. Wes loved the aquarium at the end of Nemo ride at Epcot.  The dolphin was really showing off and he was tickled.
  18.  This happy boy driving his very own car (; 
  19. Seeing this baby giraffe on the safari at Animal Kingdom!  
  20. These sweet memories forever etched in my mind!

Grateful for a week in the happiest place in the world!!


**ps: they have more than one sweater but this is tucks “police sweater” and he begs to wear it everyday.  then wes says “me me me!” with his too.  Thankful we had a washer/dryer!

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