a day at the organic farm inside my favorite park

You might remember last time we went to Merian Park – we witnessed a baby lamb being born!

This park/organic farm never disappoints. 
The shepherd from last time remembered us, pointed out the baby lambs all grown up, and then invited us into the chicken coop.  oh my dear – have you seen food, inc.?  well, if you have you can understand my hesitation but in i went anyway.   Inside we were pleasantly surprised – they were happy little hens with a fearless little rooster as their leader with plenty of room and excellent living conditions.  A few were laying eggs- you know, that second.  So shepherd woman gave us some for tomorrows breakfast.  now that is fresh.  i can’t wait.  Then she put her hands on her heads like little horns – and spoke in her swiss german -i thought rams.  she wants to show us rams?  OK – you’ve already made my dreams come true with the fresh eggs, let’s go.  Then she took us to the bunnies home.  Not rams after all.  They were adorable and they had the cutest little home.  actually palace.  the space they had allotted for three bunnies is way bigger than our flat (:  !  

fresh eggs!

the black sheep is the one i met on her original birth day

lambs are so precious.  
they remind me of Psalm 23 – the Lords prayer

the bunnies home

JB petting a chicken

treasures around every corner at merian park

why don’t you come with us next time?

Have a happy thursday!!


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