daddy love

{Photo Courtesy of My cuz ben}

It’s hard to put into words how much I love this man.  
but i will briefly try …
1.  My father is the type of man who always sets God and then family first.  2.  He truly loves his neighbor and is always willing to help a stranger with a flat tire or pick up a couch that falls out of their pick up (true story).  3.  He followed his dreams.  4.  He gave me butterfly kisses long before that silly song came out.  5.  This year he was named Man of the year by the rays organization- i think it should be dad of the decade but we’ll take it ; ) .  6.  His life story and how he found salvation never fail to inspire me and fill me up with hope when i’m running a little empty.  7.  He has one heck of a moral compass and always keeps mine in check too.  8.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were the bedtime stories my dad would make up and then the bedtime prayers which is where i learned how to pray.  9.  Having him for a dad made a big difference when i started dating … i had set some high expectations while him and my brother simultaneously frightened each boy!  10.  He loves JB like a son.  That makes me deliriously happy.

So HAPPY early fathers day to my dear popsicle!  
Thanks for always making me feel loved.  
Your wife of 35 years, 3 daughters, and son love you to death!

my daddy circa 1982.

I wrote about my pops for father’s day  … but you didn’t think I’d forget my sweet father in law!  did you?  heaven’s no!  I mean geesh – I’ve written about him here and here and now here!  He is one of my favorite people ever!  And he’s had a long year  – filled with yuckie chemo and radiation- but him, his positive attitude, and God successfully nipped pancreatic cancer in the bud.  He is now back at work and we are so proud!!  I love you for sooo many reasons – but one of my favorites is how you can always make me smile.  xoxoxo Oh, and one more thing- thanks (to your wife too!) for raising the best guy in the world.  


And another round of cheers to all those daddies who raised us sweet girls!

What are some reasons why you love your daddo?

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