czech us out

Strolling around Prague is like stepping inside your favorite fairy tale.  The castles, fire works, soldiers-  that look and act like toy soldiers, bright colored buildings, the architecture you could only dream up … it’s all inside Prague.  

you feel like you are a character in shrek.  
i am fiona. (:

i love the above.  (:

The cathedral at Prague Castle
(the biggest castle grounds in all of Europe)

The Dancing House

Peacocks in an alice and wonderland garden

flowers in bloom. everywhere.

i wanted one of these guys. 
it is the arch bishop of prague castle

the old town near the astronomical clock

These Trdelnik’s gave me a toothache they were so sweet.

We went to the communism museum.  It’s hard to believe they were under communist rule just twenty years ago!  we are so grateful they enjoy freedom now.

& for your enjoyment here is a little video of a remake of kelly from youtube.

have a great weekend!!  

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