currently topping my happy list.

These few things are currently topping my happy list:
  • weekends with friends in town
  • putting a little chocolate in my morning coffee
  • 4 outfit posts by yours truly coming to a computer screen near you
  • lunch dates with new friends
  • dressing up for halloween
  • being able to take my ninny to her appointments… knowing it could change in a moment and i’d have a job to run off to and wouldn’t be able to take her.  so enjoying being able to do so.
  • my husband officially being hired.
  • snail mail – being both the sender and recipient
  • trick or treaters coming to my door last night.  specifically the lady bug little girl.  
  • treating myself at 11 and 4pm on the daily. just a little glass of tea or piece of chocolate will do.
here are a few etsy finds you may want to purchase.  immediately:

a congrats card to buy for newlyweds.
mr & mrs. burlap stockings
pretty brushed gold earrings
cake flag set; french inspired
my favorite birthday card
this photograph needs to get in my life. and on my wall.
a very pretty 2012 calender

Happy Tuesday!  
what’s on the top of your happy list today?

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