Currently making me happy.

{window shopping at cartier}
{fall leaves}
{swiss army air shows}
{wandering the streets of switzerland with this guy}
{a yellow vespa}
{my reggie lampert head piece & my new black swagg}
{my cat eye sunnies, they remind me of my grandma- who wore these non stop at my age}
{old maps}
{chunk sweaters}
{morning reads}
{roasted veggies}
{my neighbors bike}
{a walk through basels oldest church – the munster}

What’s making you happy on this lovely labor day?
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currently, making me happy.

1. a bike ride to france
2. french grocery stores
3.  my husband watching the help and midnight in paris with me … back to back.  then telling me i look like i ate sour grapes as i sobbed my way through the help.
4. greek salads. 
5. JB’s surf and turf he’s planning for tonight.
6. lemon cake leftovers i made for C&C birthday extravaganza.  recipe here
7.  the indian summers that are happening in switz.  it’s finally h o t! 
8.  heidi braids
9. my mom’s BFF’s coming to visit next week!! 
10.  JB’s happy dance which is the cutest/funniest thing everrrrr.

Happy Weekend Sweetsickles.

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